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Department of Public Works and Highways

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DPWH Logo and History
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About the DPWH Logo

The  design conveys the idea of Filipino  engineering excellence with sub-themes such as the fine craftsmanship of Filipino design engineers, architects and the whole field of engineering profession, competence and integrity .


The most noticeable is the  gear frame which is completely circular.  The gear represents motion, transmission  and direction  towards the common man’s economic  and social upliftment. The perpetual   motion of the circular gear seeks unity of effort, unity of direction and unity of the diverse components of the public works and highways functions and responsibilities. Its sixteen (16) gears represent the administrative regions in the country.


Within the gear frame, the highway stretches northward and  merges to an infinity, cutting  through and against the backdrop of a doric column. The doric column is the symbol of the building and construction industry.  The term “against  the backdrop”  and while the highway cuts through the doric  column, it does not convey divisiveness but instead conveys that the road  stretches  to infinity  complemented hand-in-hand by the prosecution of the public works projects represented by the doric column. This denotes unity of objectives and unity  of efforts.



The white doric column and the two range lanes represent the engineering outputs of the Department - - roads and bridges, flood control and drainage structures, ports, water supply, national buildings, urban community infrastructure and other public works. Thus, the doric column and the highway should be taken in a total  context.


The divisions within the pillar represents the Department’s five (5) bureaus, namely: Design, Construction, Maintenance, Equipment and Materials and Quality Control.





DPWH History: At a Glance



June 23, 1898                        The Organic Decree issued by Gen. Emilio

                                                Aguinaldo establishing the Philippine Revo-

lutionary Government created four (4) govern-

ment departments among which was the  - - -

                                                DEPARTMENT OF WAR AND PUBLIC WORKS


1902                                    Bureau of Engineering and Construction of Public

Works and  Bureau of Architecture and Construction

of Public Buildings were created by Act. Nos. 22 and

268 of the Philippine Commission and placed under the - - -

                                                DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND POLICE


October 26, 1905       Bureau of Public Works was created and placed under

  (Act. No. 1407)                    Department of Commerce and Police


1916                                Department of Commerce and Police transformed to - - - - -



May 1, 1931                           Department of Commerce and Communications renamed as - -

                                               DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS & COMMUNICATIONS


1951                                Department of Public Works and Communications was reconstituted as - -

 (E.O. No. 392)                      DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, TRANSPORTATION 

                                               AND COMMUNICATIONS


1954                                   Bureau of Public Highways was created and placed under DPWTC

(R.A. No. 1192)


1974                                    BPH was expanded as - - -



                1976                        DPWTC renamed as - - -




                                    DPH renamed as - - -

                                                MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HIGHWAYS


July 23, 1979                         MPWTC was restructured into two (2) separate Ministries –

(E.O. No. 546)                        one for Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and

                                                two, the - - -

                                                MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS


July 27, 1981                   MPW and MPH were merged to become - - -

(E. O. No. 710)                       MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS AND HIGHWAYS


January 30, 1987              MPWH was renamed as - - -

                                                DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND HIGHWAYS


DPWH General Santos Sub-District Engineering Office, Bula Road, General Santos City 9500
Telefax: (083) 553-1428
E-Mail Address: